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It’s never too early to start planning! A sound financial strategy will help plan for your spendable income requirements, manage the impact of your taxes, and pursue growth of your net worth. Whether you want to begin planning for your children’s education or you want to ensure financial independence for you and your loved ones, I can help you make solid decisions about these and other important financial concerns such as:

  • Investing
  • Budgeting & cash management
  • Managing your tax burden
  • Creating or improving your ability to outpace inflation
  • Funding education or other financial goals
  • Planning for your retirement
  • Using insurance effectively
  • Providing a smooth distribution of your estate.

The right time to move ahead with a sound financial strategy is now! Contact me and start building your financial future today.


At McLenithan Financial Services, we provide assistance in the following areas:



    Common Stock

    College Accounts

    Traditional and Rollover IRA’s

    Roth IRA


    Simple IRA

    Retirement Plans

    Variable Annuities

    Fixed Income Tools

    Other Investments

    Financial Planning

    Retirement Planning

    Retirement Income Planning

    Fee Based Planning

    Specific Goal Planning

    College Planning

    Asset Management

    Our Values

    Disability Income Insurance

    Life Insurance

    Long Term Care Insurance

    Key Person Coverage

    Buy/Sell Agreement Funding

    Other Protection Need